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Compliance Training for
Healthcare Staff in South Carolina

careLearning Essentials provides turnkey employee compliance training at an affordable cost.


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Affordable for Healthcare Organizations

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Quality affordable content for healthcare organizations with less than 60 employees

careLearning is a non-profit organization born out of a need to balance quality healthcare education and affordability. We have healthcare clients and partners throughout the country and work closely with leaders in healthcare education and policy development. careLearning can help you ensure your staff stays ahead of the game with unmatched customer service and high-quality content that is perfectly suited for your needs.

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What is careLearning Essentials?

Essentials helps ensure consistency in compliance training for healthcare organizations with less than 60 employees.

Essentials ensures up to date information to meet dynamic compliance requirements and provides accurate completion tracking. Essentials creates a true win-win scenario for healthcare organizations and their employees.

Why use Essentials in your organization?

Essentials can:

  •  Simplify the presentation and testing of material consumed by employees
  • Lower training and tracking costs
  • Provide a reliable, trusted source to keep education up to date
  • Leave the system and come back at any time, picking up where you left off, perfect for busy offices
  • Track and print completion reports directly from Essentials

How much does it cost?

Essentials was created to be affordable for healthcare organizations with less than 60 employees. We have a price point you can afford!

What's included?

Essentials provides the content, testing, and tracking to ensure your basic compliance needs are being met.

The topics covered are those needed for CMS, OSHA, CDC and other common national regulatory requirements.

Our courses remember where you are, so if an employee is called away, they pick back up right where they left off.

Additional content and training material is available should you choose to add it to your base curriculum package.