Performance Management System

Studies show that the work observed two months prior is what most performance appraisals represent. Our Performance Management System assists your organization in each step of the process from setting goals to feedback and review so that the appraisal reflects what happens throughout an entire year.

Step 1: Goal Setting

The appropriate appraisal template is shared electronically by your managers with the employee during performance planning so they understand expectations.

Step 2: Continuous Feedback

Performance journals allow the managers to provide feedback throughout the year to employees. Employees can also document performance events they deem noteworthy.

Step 3: Performance Appraisals

Create an unlimited number of online appraisals/evaluation templates either using your existing appraisals or through customizing templates that have already been populated in the system. Add value to the process by using multiple weighted performance scales.

Managers then can simply and easily complete the appraisal process with more uniform tools and the information kept in the journal entries. Employees can also self-evaluate.

Step 4: Analyze Results

Reports are available to track the status of each step in the performance management process, and their scores can then be used in supporting compensation decisions.