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From its comprehensive system of tools, including its learning management, competency management, and performance management systems, careLearning is your online source for healthcare education. Our solutions enable your organization to effectively develop your workforce and improve the quality of care you provide.

For a demo of careSkills Competency and Performance Management system contact Peggy Engelkemier, Director of Workforce Development, careLearning.

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Performance Management

Performance Management Process infographic

Goal Setting

  • The appropriate template is shared electronically by your managers with the employee during performance planning so they understand expectations.

Continuous Feedback

  • Performance journals allow managers to provide feedback throughout the year to employees. Employees can also document performance events they deem noteworthy.

Performance Appraisals

  • Create an unlimited number of online appraisal/evaluation templates using your organization’s existing paper-based appraisals or through the customization of templates populated in the system.
  • Managers complete the appraisal at the performance review based on journal entries. Employees can also self-evaluate.
  • Add value to the performance management process using multiple weighted performance scales to determine points earned at each level.

Analyze Results

  • Reports are available to track the status of each step in the performance management process.
  • The employee’s performance score can be used in supporting compensation decisions.

Competency Management

Competency Management Process infographic

Employee Selection

  • Find employees whose skills best match your needs as a new employee or involvement in a project or committee.

Employee Retention

  • Identify employees at risk because of skill proficiency levels that are too low.
  • Allow your organization to create individual employee development plans based on the skills required to achieve success.

Strategic Learning

  • Align learning resources with identified skill gaps on an individual, departmental or organizational level.
  • Invest in learning resources that meet the highest priority needs, rather than relying on assumptions or guesswork.

Workforce Planning

  • Gain an understanding of the skills needed for success in your organization.
  • Inventory the skills, knowledge, and abilities present now and plan for those needed in the future.
  • Ensure organizational goals are met by clarifying expectations for all employees.

Career Development

  • Allow employees to create a career development plan based on the skills required for potential advancement opportunities.

Succession Planning

  • Find potential replacements for key roles at risk because of retirement, outsourcing, downsizing, or disasters.