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careLearning: e-Learning. Real-World Advantages.

careLearning is a nonprofit online education company designed to help healthcare organizations by providing reliable, trusted, and easily accessible talent management and education solutions. We are still governed by the state hospital associations responsible for our creation almost 25 years ago and we maintain robust relationships with these associations from coast to coast. We see ourselves as an extension of hospital associations and share their passion for providing the best possible service while remaining keenly focused on high-value low-cost solutions to real-world problems. When you work with us, you gain access to our  Learning Management System (LMS), our  Competency and Performance Management Solution, a full  course catalog, and much more. 

We’re Here for You

Our mission has been simple from the start, to provide high-quality compliance and regulatory content at a cost that is reflective of the challenges healthcare faces every day. There are no size limitations with careLearning because we have cost-effective training and education solutions for organizations as small as 5 individuals and as large as 10,000 individuals and beyond.  

We only serve healthcare entities, so our expertise and attention are focused on the issues and challenges facing healthcare at all levels. Our clientele is diverse and includes critical access hospitals, large academic medical centers, primary care centers, nurse staffing agencies, rehabilitation centers, single provider facilities, county health departments, long-term care facilities, and everyone in between. We continue to expand our portfolio of service line-specific content that addresses the unique needs of clients of all shapes and sizes. 

When you are a careLearning client, our service and support set us apart. Each client is assigned a specific Product Support Specialist that you know by name. There are no long call queues, no waiting days or weeks for a response, no wondering when your question will be answered. We measure our response time in minutes and hours, not days and weeks.

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Our Partners

State Hospital Associations

  • Alabama Hospital Association
  • Alaska State Hospital & Nursing Home Association
  • American Hospital Association
  • Arkansas Hospital Association
  • Arizona Hospital & Healthcare Association
  • Connecticut Hospital Association
  • Colorado Hospital Association
  • District of Columbia Hospital Association
  • Florida Hospital Association
  • Georgia Hospital Association
  • Idaho Hospital Association
  • Illinois Hospital Association
  • Indiana Hospital Association
  • Iowa Hospital Association
  • Kansas Hospital Association
  • Kentucky Hospital Association
  • Louisiana Hospital Association
  • Maine Hospital Association
  • The Maryland Healthcare Education Institute
  • Massachusetts Hospital Association
  • Michigan Health and Hospital Association
  • Mississippi Hospital Association
  • Missouri Hospital Association
  • Montana Hospital Association
  • Nebraska Hospital Association
  • New Jersey Hospital Association
  • Healthcare Association of New York State
  • North Carolina Hospital Association
  • Ohio Hospital Association
  • Oklahoma Hospital Association
  • Oregon Association of Hospitals and Health Systems
  • Hospital and Health System Association of Pennsylvania
  • Hospital Association of Rhode Island
  • South Carolina Hospital Association
  • Tennessee Hospital Association
  • Texas Hospital Association
  • Utah Hospitals and Health Systems Association
  • Vermont Association of Hospitals and Health Systems
  • Virginia Hospital Research & Education Foundation
  • Washington Hospital Services
  • West Virginia Hospital Association
  • Wisconsin Hospital Association

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