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Created for Healthcare by Healthcare Organizations

careLearning is an online education company designed to help healthcare organizations by providing reliable, trusted, and easily-accessible talent management solutions. Our competency, eLearning, and performance products are developed to ensure that your employees are provided with the appropriate training and education based on assessment of the skills, knowledge, and abilities required and an evaluation of job performance.


Regulatory Training

As a healthcare organization, you must maintain compliance with CMS, CDC, and OSHA.


Customized Training

At careLearning, you can tailor course content to meet your organization’s specific needs.


Learning Managment System

Our Learning Management System allows for the delivery and tracking of online courses and instructor-led training.

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Continuing Education at Your Fingertips

careLearning is here to provide your staff with their continuing education around-the-clock.


Live Event Management

careLearning can help you plan and track instructor-led training.


Clinical Student Orientation

The Passport Program was created to allow students participating in clinical rotation programs to become oriented quickly and effectively.

Effective Talent Management Solutions

careLearning is an online education company designed to help healthcare organizations by providing reliable, trusted, and easily-accessible talent management solutions. When you work with us, you gain access to our Learning Management System (LMS), our Competency and Performance Management Solution, a full course catalog, and much more.

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careLearning Essentials

Essentials helps ensure consistency in compliance training for healthcare organizations with less than 60 employees.

Essentials ensures up-to-date information to meet dynamic compliance requirements and provides accurate completion tracking. Essentials creates a true win-win scenario for healthcare organizations and their employees.

careLearning Passport Program

Passport helps ensure consistency in student orientation allowing them to rotate into any healthcare facility having already completed basic regulatory compliance requirements.

Passport prevents redundant training for students, reduces the hours hospitals and healthcare facilities need to invest in compliance orientations and provides for additional facility-specific requirements, and allows schools to present training transcripts to any healthcare facility engaged with their students. Passport creates a true win-win-win scenario for healthcare facilities, schools, and students.

Learning Management System (LMS)

careLearning can help you stay ahead of the game with unmatched customer service and top-of-the-line Learning Management Systems and Programs that are perfectly suited to your organizational needs.

Performance Management

Studies show that the work observed two months prior is what most performance appraisals represent. Our Performance Management System assists your organization in each step of the process from setting goals to feedback and review so that the appraisal reflects what happens throughout an entire year.

Competency Management

Our Competency Management System comes populated with skills required for successful performance by clinical and non-clinical employees and they are easy to customize. Once you have defined what is expected, you can use the system to create automated assessments. This will make it easy to collect and track employee competence and eliminate misplaced documents. The best part is at the end of this process you will have meaningful, real-time data reports.