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careLearning is a nonprofit online education company designed to help healthcare organizations by providing reliable, trusted, and easily accessible talent management and education solutions. We are still governed by the state hospital associations responsible for our creation almost 25 years ago and we maintain robust relationships with these associations from coast to coast. We see ourselves as an extension of hospital associations and share their passion for providing the best possible service while remaining keenly focused on high-value low-cost solutions to real-world problems. When you work with us, you gain access to our  Learning Management System (LMS), our  Competency and Performance Management Solution, a full  course catalog, and much more.

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LMS Advantage

LMS Advantage is a full-service Learning Management System (LMS) that includes Course Center, TrackIt, Events (Fall 2024), and a selection of content packages.


LMS Choice

An ala carte version of LMS Advantage loaded with compliance courses.



Includes the most relevant compliance content for organizations with less than 60 users.

Enhanced Learning & Compliance Solutions by careLearning

Course Center

Course Center allows organizations to create and upload their own custom content to our LMS. You can create as many courses as you like, have them loaded to the system, and add the course to your employees’ classrooms just like any other course. Course Center also allows you access to the Private Course Library which is a repository of free education content loaded by other careLearning users. You can download the content, make changes to meet your unique needs, load the course to the LMS, and assign the course as you see fit.


TrackIt is an integrated tool that can be used to track anything with an expiration date. License expirations, testing or vaccination events, certifications or other items that need to be tracked and reported on. This information can be displayed on transcripts or reported on separately.

Events (Coming in Fall 2024)

The Events feature in careLearning’s LMS provides a quick and easy way to document live training, meetings, employee health items, etc. Events allows for pre-registration with email notifications that inform where and when an event is being held or if an Event has been cancelled. There’s also a wait list option letting you control how many and/or who can participate in a training opportunity. Events gives you a fast way to document all those things that take place every day, like who participated in the Fire Drill or who attended the monthly staff meeting. Events’ rosters and reports make it simple to record and report on any type of live employee interaction important to your organization.

Our Course Content

As a healthcare organization, you must maintain compliance with regulatory requirements from entities such as CDC, OSHA, CMS, and more. careLearning can help you accomplish that with ease and precision. We maintain the course content to ensure it stays up-to-date and continues to meet regulatory requirements.

careLearning produces content covering a wide variety of compliance and regulatory topics, information security considerations, and other topics directly related to the work your staff is engaged in every day.
Our course catalog covers topics such as:

  • Infection Control
  • Abuse and Neglect Reporting
  • Restraint and Seclusion
  • Workplace Safety
  • Caring for diverse populations
  • Information Security concerns for healthcare
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    Competency Management System

    Our Competency Management System comes populated with skills required for successful performance by clinical and non-clinical employees and they are easy to customize. Once you have defined what is expected, you can use the system to create automated assessments. This will make it easy to collect and track employee competence and eliminate misplaced documents.

    Performance Management System

    Studies show that the work observed two months prior is what most performance appraisals represent. Our Performance Management System assists your organization in each step of the process from setting goals to feedback and review so that the evaluation reflects what happens throughout an entire year.

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    Passport Program

    Passport provides students participating in clinical rotation programs the ability to become oriented quickly and effectively. Students pay $15 per year for access to the program. There are NO FEES for the healthcare facilities or colleges.