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careLearning is an online education company designed to help healthcare organizations by providing reliable, trusted, and easily-accessible talent management solutions. Our competency, eLearning, and performance products are developed to ensure that your employees are provided with the appropriate training and education based on an assessment of the skills, knowledge and abilities required and an evaluation of their job performance.

careLearning is a non-profit organization operated by more than 40 state hospital associations. They recognize that in today’s ever-changing marketplace, ensuring that your employees are up-to-date on the latest training can feel like trying to hit a moving target. careLearning can help you stay ahead of the game with unmatched customer service and top-of-the-line Learning Management Systems and Programs that are perfectly suited for your organizational needs.


Training and Education for Healthcare Professionals

Regulatory Training

As a healthcare organization, you must maintain compliance with CMS and The Joint Commission. 
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Continuing Education at Your Fingertips

careLearning is here to provide your staff with their continuing education around-the-clock.

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Customized Training

At careLearning, you can tailor course content to meet your organization’s specific needs.

Live Event Management

careLearning can help you in planning and tracking instructor-led training.

Learning Management System

Gain access to our Learning Management System (LMS) that allows for the delivery and tracking of online courses and documentation of instructor-led training.

Clinical Student Orientation

The Passport Program was created to allow students participating in clinical rotation programs to become oriented quickly and effectively early in the semester.

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Why  careLearning?


Reliable Tracking & Reporting

The convenience of tracking all of the education your organization needs in one program with consolidated reporting.



Our primary focus is delivering our clients quality, reliable and useful educational and training tools. We’re here for you and to ensure your complete satisfaction with our products.


Best-in-class Service

Superior service that our customers have come to expect over the last 50, 75 or 100 years.


Easy, Efficient & Cost-effective

careLearning provides innovative and cutting-edge technology to your organization creating an easy, efficient and cost-effective solution to your organization’s individual needs.

Your Guide to Streamlining Clinical Rotations


Free to Healthcare Organizations

At no cost to you, Passport provides a common curriculum for ensuring student compliance prior to arriving at your site.

Consolidate Requirements

Students will no longer need to repeat compliance education because their digital learning profile follows them from facility to facility.

Affordable to Students

Students pay $10 with PayPal or Credit Card via careLearning’s website.  Payment can also be incorporated into student fees.

100% Web-Based

You can easily track a student’s progress without online tools.  Plus facility-specific courses can be added to further evaluate compliance.

Our Story

careLearning is an online education company designed to help healthcare organizations by providing reliable, trusted, and easily-accessible talent management solutions. When you work with us, you gain access to our Learning Management System (LMS), our Competency and Performance Management Solution, a full course catalog, and much more.

careLearning Students get the best education and service.




Frequently Asked Questions

How does careLearning work?

We provide customers with a Learning Management System that allows facilities to offer online training from subject matter experts, including those within their own organizations. This education can be automatically assigned based on the specific needs of individuals, groups, job codes or departments. Our customers can then track and report completion or non-completion of those courses. In addition, the system will allow users to manage live training and expirations of licensure or certifications, because we understand that healthcare facilities have a need for all their education to be tracked from one place.

Who benefits from your program?

We offer education for all of your employees in a way that everyone benefits. We also offer a variety of accredited courses, providing your organizations with Continuing Education credit for any number of disciplines and professions—from physicians and nurses to EMS and Coding.

How do I log in and take courses?

If your organization participates, a customized log-in will be provided for you by your administration. If you are an individual taking courses independently, simply choose the course(s) you are interested in and the site will walk you through creating an account and accepting your payment that you will make securely via Verisign.

As a healthcare professional seeking Continuing Education credit, can I purchase individual courses?

careLearning can provide individuals and medical facilities alike with the courses they need to maintain licensure and compliance requirements.

Can regulatory courses assist with visits from The Joint Commission?

Absolutely! Clinical and non-clinical staff receive regulatory training to address specific regulations from The Joint Commission, as well as many Continuing Education courses to help keep your organization and its employees up-to-date. We’ve got everything you need to prepare your staff with information specific to your organization, as well as general topics.

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